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A Small, Family Oriented Hunting Club
We are a small, family oriented hunting club that has been in
existence for over 20 years.  The hunting club was founded by
Elwyn Burns (Club President) and Exel Word.  

The club gets its name from the numerous Whippoorwill birds that
always announce their presence at dark and sing throughout the
night, their famous melody that mimics their name -
whip....poor......will, whip....poor.....will!!

Our club is centered on an old 480 acre farm first inhabited in the
1800's.  Present is still a log home that was constructed long
before modern tools were available.  Due to its excellent
construction, it has withheld the test of time and is truly a
centerpiece of this great property.  Also on the property are
several old wooden bridges, old time drinking wells, old farm
equipments, and wooden barns.  Being here is like taking a step
back in time.  That sound you don't hear is what makes this place
so special!

When we are not chasing deer, turkeys, squirrels and other game
we enjoy gathering for breakfasts of biscuits, bacon, eggs, and
coffee, or for cooking thick ribeyes over the charcoal grill.  
Someone always brings a homemade dessert to top it all off!
Dec 22, 2006
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